Pricing ~ Standard / Large/ Extra Large
Glass Treatment
Front windows treated with Rain Repellent Glass Treatment
$14.95 all sizes
Dust and Dress Interior
Dash, Instrument Panel, Cup holders, Door panels & Cargo area included.
$29.95 / $44.95 / $54.95
Hand Wash and Interior Service
Hand wash with complete chamois dry (including door jams) and tire dress. Interior vacuumed, dash and console wiped down and windows cleaned.
$39.95 / $54.95 / $64.95
Shampoo Carpet
All carpets shampooed with high temperature shampoo extractor.
$49.95 / $64.95 / $74.95
Shampoo Seats or Clean & Treat Leather Seats
All seats shampooed with high temperature shampoo extractor. Leather seats cleaned and treated with Lexol Leather Conditioner.
$49.95 / $64.95 / $74.95
Tar/Sap Removal
Lacquer wash to remove road tar or tree sap
$29.95/By estimate
Hand Wax
Our liquid wax is safe on all finishes. Camauba paste wax additional $20
Water Spot Removal & Hand Wax
Removal of water spots on painted surfaces. Liquid wax is then applied. Carnauba paste wax is additional $20.
*Some hard water spots may require an exterior buff by estimate only
$99.95 / $114.95 / $124.95

Express Detail Services offered on a first come first serviced basis

Most services take less than 40 minutes

Save When you BUNDLE!

3 Services = $10 off total

4 Services = $20 off total

5 Services = $30 off total

Additional charge for heavily soiled and extra-large vehicles

Glass treatment is excluded from discounts

Discounts applied to final bill

Price depends on size of vehicle (standard vs extra-large)